Our Story

The Addivant™ Brand Story

It’s not very often that a new company comes with six decades of experience. But Addivant does. Addivant grew out of a global market need for both established and innovative chemical additives. We’ve made significant investments in technology, people and infrastructure to focus on delivering “Solutions to Breakthrough.”

Our Brand Promise

What does Solutions to Breakthrough mean? We seek to understand customer and partner needs, to look at those needs through the lens of innovation, and to ensure our products reflect our customer’s voice.

Our Logo

Our logo is a simple, clean execution of the brand promise, embodied and symbolized by three colored circles. Blue for global reach. Green for sustainability. And silver for innovation.

Our Name

Even our name has an interesting story. It was created, not by high-paid outside consultants, but by people on the inside — in sales, engineering, development and other areas of the company. The resulting name, Addivant, is a clear statement of our intent. We are a chemical additives company, infusing innovation into the plastics and elastomers industry to bring significant competitive advantage to all.