The demands on rubber articles used in the automotive market are variable depending on manufacturing methods & the service environment / requirements of the end product.  To meet the wide range of performance characteristics, Addivant™ has developed a variety of industry leading stabilizers that extend the durability & appearance of products such as automotive hoses, belts, seals, profiles & gaskets, protecting them against heat, oxygen, ozone & flex-fatigue.

The NAUGARD® antioxidants & DURAZONE®, FLEXZONE® & NOVAZONE® antiozonants series of anti-degradants, have been developed to address the high-temperature & high-performance requirements of today’s automotive components & to formulate the most cost-effective solutions to these challenges.  

For advice on specific requirements or assistance with the selection of an anti-degredant package for automotive rubber applications & overall product optimization, contact Addivant™ sales & technical experts through this website.

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