Doing Business With Us

The following are our expectations for suppliers.

For more information, you may contact us at +49 6206 707484.

Supply Continuity

  • Honor commitments to deliver on time the proper material, to the correct Addivant™ designated location, in the proper quantity, and with consistent lead times.
  • Establish and communicate to Addivant™ your supply contingency plans to bridge any potential supply disruptions, including force majeure events.
  • Provide Addivant™ with adequate time to assess and mitigate issues related to any potential change to the nature of materials or services supplied, source of supply, discontinuance of supply, manufacturing processes, business operations, regulatory changes, or any other conditions which have the potential to have an impact on Addivant™.

Quality Confidence   

Consistently strive to deliver goods and services at a Six Sigma level of quality.
Comply with applicable Addivant™ specifications for packaging, labeling, storage, shipping, tracking, and containerization.
Employ a documented quality management system capable of meeting the latest ISO 9000 standards.
Maintain records that support lot traceability and have a goal to resolve any customer complaint within 14 working days.
Use Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing techniques to continuously improve products and services.

Productivity Commitment

  • Continuously strive for minimizing total cost of ownership.
  • Focus on generating year-over-year improvements that result in lower costs to Addivant™.
  • Support cost transparency in communications with Addivant™.
  • Be committed to challenge all elements of costs across the complete supply chain.
  • Drive toward maintaining a world-class cost position for yourself and Addivant™.

EHS&S Focus 

  • Comply with all applicable local, regional, and national regulatory requirements, Addivant™’s EHS&S standards for suppliers, and supplier related management practices of Addivant™’s Responsible Care Management System.
  • Commit to achieving and demonstrating continual improvement in EHS&S performance.
  • Communicate freely, completely, and accurately the hazards of products/services that you provide, and supply any requested information regarding your EHS&S performance.
  • Assure all materials supplied are appropriately registered for their intended use and are in compliance with country specific inventory regulations.  Proactively share your strategy regarding REACH implementation.
  • Work with your own suppliers to ensure conformance with Addivant™’s Responsible Care Management practices or similar requirements throughout the supply chain.

Corporate Responsibility

  • Comply with all applicable local, regional, and national business laws and regulations
  • Demand that all your employees exhibit the highest standards of business integrity and ethics.
  • Actively protect the confidentiality of all Addivant™ information.
  • Have an effective program to purchase from diverse suppliers and be willing to work with Addivant™ to use diverse suppliers.

Technology Leadership

  • Provide technical support throughout the full life cycle of the material sold to Addivant™.
  • Generate innovative ideas, enabling Addivant™ to differentiate itself in the marketplace.
  • Maintain and develop best-in-class technology groups to support new and existing materials.
  • Partner with Addivant™ for timely delivery of innovations through new technologies.
  • Use information technology to drive standardization and simplification of both business processes and product platforms.

World Class Processes 

  • Implement processes which meet Addivant™ expectations consistently and assure the highest level of reliability.
  • Ensure that processes are controlled by regular monitoring and measuring of critical output allowing focused attention to potential undesirable trends.
  • Develop and implement best in class manufacturing and business processes to ensure an effective, efficient and productive work environment.
  • Establish key performance indicators of strategic systems and processes which demonstrate year over year improvement. 
  • This information does not independently constitute or create a contractual obligation, nor does it amend, replace or supersede any existing contractual obligation, with Addivant™, its divisions or subsidiaries.

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