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As our case studies indicate, we help customers find new ways to succeed. And we can do just that for you. Collaborating with, listening to and delivering value for you and the industry in which we serve. Creating sustainable, easy-to-implement solutions that make a true difference. Driving efficiency throughout the whole value chain from the polymer producer to the convertor and consumer.  That is what Solutions to Breakthrough is all about.

Case Studies

How NDB® blends improve the efficiency of wire and cable applications.

Stabilizer for increasing reliability and longevity of power cables.

The ideal anti-scorch solution for polyurethane foams.

See how a polymer producer can use WESTON® LPP  to lower their additive cost and also improve plant hygiene. They would like to speed up the changeover between polymer grades, minimize the production of out of spec material and reduce complexity of additivation to avoid mistakes in the plant.

Why is WESTON® 705 phosphite able to overcome the blooming issue in LLDPE film and thermoplastic elastomer film / sheet applications?

Dust reduction and encapsulation of sensitive additives improve handling in the plant and reduce dust explosion risk.
High melting temperature antioxidants incorporated into ANOX® NDB® blends, in the presence of lower melting antioxidants will reduce the melting point of the higher melting antioxidants and consequently improve the dispersion of the additive.

For the stabilization of emulsion polymerized polymers, an antioxidant and/or phosphite stabilizer emulsion or dispersion is added at the latex stage. Preparation of such emulsions or dispersions can be a challenge, requiring expert knowledge in the selection of surfactants, temperature, ratios and the order of addition.

See how a non-blooming and non-staining antioxidant such as Addivant™ high molecular weight, slow migrating additive molecule, DURAZONE® 37 antiozonant can be used in order to improve the appearance of a premium tire.

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